Ubisoft talks Far Cry 3 and more

Before even claiming our luggage at the airport in Africa, Ubisoft has hinted that Far Cry 3 is in the making. More satisfactorily than exciting though, since we don’t even know if Far Cry 2 is any good. We hope and believe it’s going to be shockingly awesome, but there’s simply no way to tell before it’s released.

In an interview with play.tm, Ubisoft producer Louis-Pierre Pharand gave some info about the sequel’s sequel. “There are two ways of development. Either you come out rapidly with another one, not adding a lot of features. Doing a “2.5” type game. A lot of fans enjoy that – its been mocked-up in the same way as the sports game model,” he said.

“For me, its the Call of Duty model. Take numbers two and four, great. Number three however…. however, I hope number 5 will be good! You make a great game; if there’s a decision on Far Cry 3 – I’m sure there will be a Far Cry 3 – there’s no reason why there wouldn’t be. I’m not going to lie and say ‘I don’t know if there will be a Far Cry 3.’ There will be a Far Cry 3, I don’t when. Two or four years… I don’t know.” Pharand continued.

Seriously, we’re getting a bit tired of the “2,5” games. If all you’re going to do is change the setting and story ,call it an expansion for god’s sake. Is an upgraded (or re-built) graphics engine too much to ask for?

The expectations for Far Cry 2 are currently enormous. The African setting is a forgotten chapter in the gaming history and something tells me Ubisoft is going to nail it perfectly. Here’s a quote for possible doubters out there: “I actually get messages on Facebook; guys from Africa saying the game looks exactly like my home. This is a great compliment.”

Yes, Pharand. Yes it is.