VC and WiiWare releases for the week of Sept. 29


I don’t suppose I really expected this week’s offering to stand up to last week’s, and really it doesn’t, but as far as VC and WiiWare releases go this isn’t too bad of a week. This is mostly because of Bomberman Blast (Hudson Entertainment, 1-8 players, Rated E for Everyone—Mild Cartoon Violence, 1,000 Wii Points) being released. Actually, it’s entirely because of Bomberman Blast being released because the other two games are Art Style: ORBIENT (Nintendo, 1 player, Rated E for Everyone, 600 Wii Points) and Super Turrican 2 (Super NES, 1 player, Rated E for Everyone—Violence, 800 Wii Points), the latter of which doesn’t impress me much and the former I have no clue about.

Bomberman Blast will offer some much needed online gameplay to the Wii and also deliver one of the most addictive multiplayer games ever to be released. Anyone who played the XBLA version knows that this game can suck you in for hours and never spit you out despite its deceptively simple gameplay and cute characters. If you’re a Wii owner and looking to actually have something to play online with your friends then this is a must have.

Art Style on the other hand is a bit of a mystery to me. Nintendo supplies us with one tiny screenshot and there doesn’t seem to be a single video of the game out there. From the description it is a relaxing game in which you maneuver a start through the galaxy collecting other stars and avoiding obstacles. For some reason I feel it’s really artsy and high brown but I could be totally wrong about that one. Someone find a video.

Finally, Super Turrican 2 is yet another shooter. It’s a good shooter, really, just not that excited to have it.