Contest / Get in on the EndWar VIP demo and win some swag, too


With the VIP demo for Tom Clancy’s EndWar dropping next Tuesday, October 7th, there are probably plenty of gamers out there wanting to get in on the action, but maybe you’re not quite convinced enough to pre-order the game to get the key. Well, TVGB has the solution for you: win a key from us (and cool swag, too)!

We’re giving away to a few lucky winners some shiny (literally, they’re on coins) VIP demo keys and bags full of EndWar goods. What kind of stuff? Shirts, stickers, posters and some high quality badges from each faction in the game. There are only 1,500 of these packs in the world so it’s a pretty limited giveaway and those badges are going to become a fancy collectible.

Here’s how to win — tell us briefly (or at length) your own EndWar scenario. What does that mean exactly? Well, who would win? In the game Russia, the US and the EU are all fighting against each other in World War III. The situation in the game is surprisingly believable (which is a little bit scary) so put the game into the real world and tell us who do you think would win if WWIII would happen today, and why? Would Russia and the US nuke each other into oblivion on day one, or first crush the EU in the middle, or maybe there’s a happy ending in store for all?

Let the imagination run free and tell us your scenario in the comments section below, or in the contest’s Community Discussions area here. We’ll pick the winners and get the swag and VIP game tokens out ASAP so you can start gaming and then come tell us all about how good or bad the game’s voice controls really are.