The PSP might see some MMO action

While this isn’t a for-sure thing, it’s still pretty cool that Sony is considering making MMOs for their prized handheld. SOE president John Smedley has stated that the number of PSP’s sold worldwide has led them to even consider bringing our favorite MMOs to the PSP.

Sony has been thinking about this since April, hoping to one day have full MMOs designed specifically for the PSP. But that isn’t going to happen so easily, as already existing MMOs are most likely going to the first ones we’ll get your hands on. Think of it as a way of them testing the waters. No, you won’t see World of Warcraft as being one of the options yet, but one option that will be handed will be Free Realms; where you would have a pre-training system that lets players connect with others around the world. Another option is taking the mini-game route, so you can play a little something while waiting for those pesky appointments.

So for all of you who are addicted to your MMOs and don’t leave you house because you want to finally beat that boss that kicks you butt every time, now you can finally see the sun after going so long without it! I think of this as a way of Sony trying to save our youth from pasty skin and bad social habits, but that’s just me.