Ubi’s EndWar video series continues

Remember those two Tom Clancy’s EndWar videos that Ubisoft released a few days ago? You know, the ones that were the first two in a promised series of eight? Yeah, now we got two more. Numbered #3 and #4, and titled “Command Points” and “WMD,” they show off pretty much what you’d expect by glancing at the titles — the first one explains the concept of command points, how to earn and what to spend them on, while the second one focuses on the last resort — WMDs.

If I was a betting man, my money would be on Ubi releasing all eight videos before the VIP demo arrives next week. Wait, let me rephrase that — the VIP demo that we’re giving away free tokens for so our readers can get in on the yelling-orders-at-their-TV fun a full month before the game arrives on store shelves. Yes, and some rather limited EndWar swag is up for grabs as well, so after hitting the jump for the second video, head over to this page to see how you can get in on the action.