Alan Wake trailer coming to Finland


Attention all Finnish! Attention all Finnish! Your time has finally come in the world of gaming. The gaming world’s eyes turn to you. You my fine northern European friends will be the only people to see the new Alan Wake trailer before anyone one else. It’s going to be attached to early screenings of Max Payne, but only in Finland where the game’s development company, Remedy, is based. Lucky viewers will be able to catch the trailer during the film’s debut on Oct. 15 or throughout opening weekend.

What does it all mean though? Who knows. We haven’t really heard hyde nor hair of Mr. Wake and his game for about two years now and the amount of information on the game has been null and void. This trailer could be even more of a tease for a game that I’ve always wanted to clump into vaporware. Then again, maybe I’ll be proven totally wrong and once the fine Finnish people leak the trailer onto the internet (hint, hint) we’ll all see just how awesome Alan Wake is shaping up to be.