Halo movie a reality again?


Maybe it wasn’t ever a reality in the first place, but I think you get my point. Evidently talks are back on for making a Halo movie with Stuart Beattie, who wrote the Gears of War screenplay, having already finished the script. In fact he finished it already because he wrote it while the writers strike was going on. That’s right, he’s such a big fan of Halo that he wrote a script for it without even seeing any money for it. The story, according to him, is a prequel to the first game and will talk about how mankind got to this future and will explain Master Chief’s origins.

“The character doesn’t start off as Master Chief. He starts off as John, who’s the kid that’s kidnapped and told he’s going to be a soldier. Anyone can connect with a kid kidnapped from his own home. You’re along for that journey,” said Beattie. But don’t worry, the film will have plenty of Master Chief kicking Covenant ass, it just isn’t going to start there. Beattie says that he is now in talks with Microsoft about getting the movie made and that he’s hopeful something will come out of it since he desperately wants to see Halo on the big screen.

So what does everyone think? Beattie is kind of becoming known as a go to guy for gaming screenplays (so he says) so that gives me a little hope. On the flip side it’s really early on so this could just be a lot of smoke being blown. One thing is for sure, if Hollywood lets a moneymaker like Halo slip through their grasps then they’re pretty much the dumbest group of people out there.