In space, no one can hear you go gold

Dead Space, aka the game we’ve been waiting for and drooling over ohsomuch here at TVGB, is finished, sent off to the presses, and ready to see daylight in a few weeks, EA has announced. The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will be released on October 14 in the US, followed by the PC version on the 20th. In the UK however, all three versions will hit simultaneously on the 21st.

In what seems to be a clever attempt to get stronger sales, everyone who buys the console versions within the first two weeks will also get to download a free beefed up suit for Isaac. The suit will be platform-specific — Elite Suit for the 360 and the Obsidian Suit for the PS3 — and will have increased inventory slots and toughness that increase your chances of survival in the world of mutated crew members who want to chop you into itty bitty chunks of engineer meat.

If this little incentive doesn’t do it for you, and you live in the US, and plan on getting the game for the 360, then I wish you luck with getting your hands on one of those super duper limited editions we heard about a while back. There’s only 1000 of these babies made and they can only be ordered from EA’s own store. Or if you’re feeling really lucky, they’re giving away ten copies of the limited edition at No Known Survivors, where they’ve just started the second story arc for the site (check out our interview on it here), and one lucky grand prize winner will get to take home a replica of Isaac’s helmet. All you have to do is sign up for the aptitude test over there, which also garners you $5 off over at the EA Store, and you’ll be entered to win. If you get a copy of the limited edtion by any means, let us know, and send your address while you’re at it.

Don’t ask why.