Quantum of Solace is a reinvention of the Bond series

If you’re a Bond fan then you know that despite how it looks on the outside, the Bond films have reinvented themselves on multiple occasions, the most recent of which was Casino Royale. The Bond games on the other hand have only done it once, when EA took them from first person to third. Of course EA doesn’t have the license anymore and Activision isn’t interested in making an old fashioned Bond game. No, much like the films it is covering, Quantum of Solace is going to be reinventing the gaming Bond that we all know and love (some of the time).

In a recent interview with TVGB, the Bond Team’s Executive Producer Garrett Young said that they were viewing this game “as the re-launch of James Bond as a videogame franchise,” adding, “Though we learned from prior Bond games, we didn’t want to be constrained by choices that were made by other teams in the past.” This makes a whole lot of sense in light of the recent revelations that we’ll most likely be seeing a Bond game every year.

Despite some of EA’s Bond games being decently fun, the whole era has left a bad taste in most people’s mouths, so making sure they separate themselves from previous Bond games is probably a good move on the part of Treyarch. The real question is are they doing enough to finally move out of the shadow of GoldenEye and claim their own spot in the pantheon of Bond gaming. We’ve got Young’s answer to that question in the full interview which will be up later today.