Hi-def Bomberman coming to PSN

Some people like to feel powerful when gaming. Others like to feel happy, sad, excited or perhaps frightened. Me, I like to feel smart. Remember Bomberman on the NES? When I managed to blow a “balloon” to pieces and at the same time avoid the blast and other charging balloons, I felt smart as hell. It was like Pacman for intelligent kids. So when Hudson announced that a new rendition called Bomberman Ultra will be released on the PlayStation Network this winter it was, of course, good news.

Some might have played Bomberman: Act Zero on the 360. Those who answered No to that question might be lying as you might have played it but got amnesia as a defense mechanism. It was a terrible gaming experience. With their new game, Hudson is going back to basics by only granting us the more favorable 2D/top-down perspective. That doesn’t mean the game will look bad though, plenty of eye candy and hi-def graphics are promised. Plus, we all know how good Bomberman Live and Bomberman Blast are and how much fun they are to play online in their wonderful 2D glory.

“The Bomberman series is one of the most popular brands in the history of Hudson Entertainment,” said Sabine Duvall, Vice President of Product Development at Hudson. “Bringing Bomberman Ultra to the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system is a natural progression for the series and signifies our faith that the brand is beloved by gamers across all platforms.”

Apart from playing the single-player levels, bombers will also be able to compete with others in explosive 8-player matches online. Good news is also that the player’s bomber is ultra-customizable, with up to 150,000 combinations. Sorry Rain, but I don’t think that includes the Mass Effect-suit you’re always rambling about.