Listen to Hannah Montana in style with a Gears of War 2 Zune

That’s right, I said you listen to Hannah Montana. That’s okay though, because with this fresh new 120 GB Zune being released from Microsoft, you can look as hardcore as you want. A Gears of War 2 edition Zune has been announced, for the red-hot price of $280. This sexy new edition will be an all-over matte black, with a gray-toned Crimson Omen logo on the back of the device. It’s also going to be chock-full of Gears of War images, videos, trailers, and even concept art galleries. Not only that, but you’ll be able to take pride in knowing that if Marcus Fenix supports Microsoft, it must not be a bad thing.

You can pre-order this bad boy right now through, but it won’t be released until November 7th, which is also the release date for the Gears 2. Much like the Halo 3 Zune that was released coinciding with the game, I’m sure this thing will go fast, so if you don’t want to disappoint Delta Squad, you’d better get to pre-ordering.