Mario & Luigi RPG 3 looks good, needs a better name

Listen we’re all for blatantly obvious sequel names but Mario & Luigi RPG 3 pretty much lays everything out on the table in a way so blatant it just isn’t good. It’s the third installment of an RPG starring Mario and Luigi, got it. I’m guessing they’ll give it an official name further down the road. Hopefully it will be something that points out that players get to play as Bowser (or at least in Bowser) now too. The video above shows off in tiny DS screens the game, which appears to play much like its predecessors with timing games being part of the battle.

Not much is known on the game except that the story will focus on an evil poison or disease that is taking over the Mushroom Kingdom and the Mario Bros. are called in to help as they are wont to do. I would wager a guess that at some point the Princess gets kidnapped or is in danger, but since it seems that Bowser is more involved on the heroing side this time around maybe she’ll actually stay safe. The Mario RPG series is one of the most fun out there, from the SNES original to the Paper Marios, it has pretty much delivered every step of the way so this could definitely be one of next year’s highlights. The game will be hitting US shelves for the DS in 2009.