Nintendo things that are coming in the future

Nintendo made a lot of announcements about what they’re releasing at the US media summit press conference thingy they had. Here’s a quick rundown of what is coming to the US and when so that everyone who lives in at least one of the 50 states can mark all this great stuff down on their calendar and then realize they don’t have the budget to cover any of it.

DSi: The new DS won’t be coming state side until well until 2009. Why? Because the DSLite is still flying off shelves faster than Usain Bolt.

WiiMusic: Oct. 20. Everyone already knew this but the good people at Nintendo seemed to be actually explaining it the hardcore audience and asking for its acceptance today. Kind of backward if you ask me, a game that needs acceptance from the hardcore. Aren’t we the ones accepting of all forms of gaming?

WiiSpeak Channel: Nov. 16. The channel will be available for download after purchasing a speaker (or before if you want to just stare at it) and will let you speak with three other people for free using your Mii’s. Exciting stuff, talking over the internet. Revolutionary, really.

Club Nintendo: Debuting this holiday season. Not much else is known.

Punch Out: First half of ’09. You can see a bit of the gameplay in the video from the Japanese press conference. Looks like fun, but we’ll have to wait for more details and a decidedly not like Wii Boxing gameplay mechanic to get truly excited.

MadWorld: March of 2009. Nice exact date for a game that is pretty far away, but glad to have it. I’m really excited they actually covered this at the summit since it means they aren’t ignoring their more adult oriented gaming.

The Conduit: First quarter ’09. Can’t wait. Still waiting on confirmation that Nintendo is in fact not publishing the game at the moment.

Sin and Punishment 2: 2009 some time. From the brief clip we’ve seen of this that day can’t come soon enough. I’m busting out my N64 just to celebrate.

Mario and Luigi RPG 3, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon, Rythm Heaven also have 2009 release dates and will be hitting the DS then. So next year is looking pretty good for Nintendo and we haven’t even heard what all the third parties are doing with the machine. Just have to wait for TGS for that.