Sin & Punishment 2 teaser gives us hope

Despite having spent nearly all their on-stage time talking about Wii Music, the big guns at Nintendo did give us some hope that the Wii will soon be more than just a casual games factory. Several “hardcore” titles were announced or teased and it’s safe to say that this past conference was much more core-oriented than anything we’ve seen from them in the previous 24 months.

One of the new titles that makes “old” gamers like myself all weak in the knees is Sin & Punishment 2. The original S&P was one of the greatest games the N64 ever saw and gamers here in the states just recently got to experience it properly via the Virtual Console. Nintendo’s announcement of a full-blown sequel was quite a shock and we don’t think anyone could have conjectured such a revelation before it was revealed to the public. Hit the video above and let us know what other games you think could use a Wii sequel.