Update / The Conduit is being published by Nintendo

Today has had a lot of big announcements for Nintendo. In their Japanese press conference they dropped a plethora of bombs that made the hardcore stand up and cheer. The US side is getting a bit of the same treatment despite most of the big drops being done overseas. At Nintendo’s media summit, which just concluded Cammie Dunaway announced that The Conduit is being published by Nintendo. Looks like all those rumors about them not being able to find a good publisher weren’t exactly true.

Eric Nofsinger also came in and spoke about the game. Echoing much of what the team said when the spoke to us about the game and pretty much reconfirming everything I saw at E3 with my hands-on time. Reports say that the game still looks fantastic and they showed off the third level which had never been seen before. Right now they seem to be working on the multiplayer which will feature 16 players at once. Still now word on whether or not it will us WiiSpeak, but with Nintendo publishing it can’t be that out of the question. It’s great to see Nintendo picking this up to publish since High Voltage is doing things with the Wii that other companies don’t seem willing to do. This will be one of the must have Wii games of next year.

Update: Or not. Looks like they were just showing off the game and Cammie misspoke when she said it was a first-party game. The Conduit doesn’t have a publisher yet, but if Nintendo is showing it off one can’t be that far away.