Which game developers are giving cash to presidential candidates?


Who would’ve thought that videogames and politics would mix on other matters besides controversies over violence and sex? Or is it one of those things that isn’t as entertaining as those controversies and that we turn our cheek too? Either way I think people will be surprised (or not) about who their favorite developers are supporting in this coming election. The big question: Who is the candidate with the most gamers behind him?

In a study that GamePolitics conducted, thorough publicly accessible records, it was shown that the Democratic side is backed up more than the Republicans (so it seems they ARE in fact dying out). OK, so who is with the reds and who is with the blues? Wow, this is kind of like asking who is supporting the Bloods and the Crips.

Here’s who is supporting McCain and his Grand Old Party: Will Wright, the creative genius behind Spore has contributed $3,000 to McCain, and even gave $2,350 to Giuliani. Bobby Kotick has given Ol’ Yeller $2,300 and $2,100 to Romney. The last person that was found donating money to the Republicans was Curt Schilling, who gave $2,300 to McCain.

Now, brace yourselves, because this list is no walk in the park. For the Democratic side, these are the people who donated money to Obama: Strauss Zelnick, Ben Feder, Sam Houser, Patricia Vance, John Riccitiello, John Smedley, Richard Garriott, Alex Rigopulos, Kathy Vrabeck, George Lucas, Doug Lowenstein, Kenneth Doroshow, and last, but certainly not least, Gabe Newell. Because this list can go on forever, and you can’t find out all the details in the original article, I’ve just listed them off.

Phew! So IS this any indicator that the republicans are dying out? Or just that videogame developers happen to be more on the democratic side? Either way, it seems Obama has the go ahead from a pretty good majority of our favorite developers. Hmmm…maybe even some of you might vote for one of them just because you love Spore or Star Wars a lot.