Wii gets direct-to-SD download capability

Nintendo really seemed to be on top of their game at their conference in Japan that has just recently concluded. In addition to announcing a whole bunch of new stuff, they are making some major changes to address gripes that gamers have had for awhile now regarding the Wii’s capabilities. No, it’s not going to get a patch to allow 1080p output, but it’s almost as good…almost. According to Iwata-san, starting in Spring 2009 you will finally be able to download WiiWare and Virtual Console titles directly to an SD card in your Wii. Now, while this might seem like a minor change in terms of the system’s inner workings, it’s a huge deal to gamers who have long since crammed their paltry 512mb of Wii flash memory full with many dollars worth of retro gaming goodness. From us to you, Nintendo…Bravo.