A look at the new Xbox LIVE Games Store


We’re about a month away from the launching of the New Xbox Experience and our creepy little Avatars, and thanks to the weekly updates from the folks over at the Gamerscore Blog, are learning something new about it every week. This weeks topic is the Xbox LIVE Games Store.

From just glancing at the screenshots, the words Windows Vista comes to mind because of the 3D view of available content. It’s really more of an aesthetic change to make the store more appealing to the eye and I’d have to agree with the designers on this one. It’s not just eye candy though as the new Games Store will contain everything we could want to know about the game we choose. We’ll be able to check out screenshots, trailers, gamerpics, and even read the description on the back of the game case as if we were at the store. Basically, everything will be grouped together to make the new experience easier to navigate, which is always welcome.