Every tag tells a tale

Coinciding with our recent buffet of Gears of War 2 coverage, this little gem has surfaced on the Internet. Featured first in the Making of Gears 2: The Horde video on the game’s official website, you can see this image flashing briefly around a minute in. Not too far after it’s been surfacing in various inboxes, as well as receiving a mention on today’s Gears of War 2 update: “Issued to every Gear serving the Coalition of Ordered Governments, the COG Tag is a formidable piece of identification. These metal gears, worn on a chain, are sometimes all that’s left to identify fallen comrades. Every COG Tag is imprinted with a unique ID code, the last words on the last day of a solider’s story. Since Emergence Day, thousands of COG Tags have been recovered from solitary pools of blood on battlefields throughout Sera.”

The letters in bold spell “enter the last day code.” Now where does one input this code, and what will happen? It’s obvious that this is a viral marketing campaign, but darn it, I want answers, and now! Oh, and I also want a personalized COG Tag!