Ride to Hell teaser teases freedom, looking less than hot

I gotta tell you, this teaser trailer for Ride to Hell is pretty much boring and crummy looking. That’s not to say that the game is actually going to be these things, but the early look we’re getting here is none too impressive. The game is an open world experience meant to convey the sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll era by putting the player on a bike and throwing them into a west coast bikers gang in the 1960s. The player needs to protect the gang’s turf and at its women which sounds kind of promising as a concept, but then again, so does communism.

This trailer is obviously going for the 60s American open roads feel with its empty roadways and slow build into rock and roll music, and it achieves that very nicely, but then a bunch of piss poor looking bikers drive onto the scene and the whole thing is blown. They don’t feel cool or bad ass, they feel like computer generated images stuck on bikes. What’s with the driving around in random circles in the middle of the video? Seriously, this shows us absolutely nothing and does it horribly. If that’s Deep Silver’s idea of cool, they’ve got a lot of work to do. Ok, maybe that’s a little too rough. But that’s just because when the game was announced back in July, it felt like we were getting one those rare breaths of fresh air. But now I’m not so sure. At least we get to hear Born to be Wild, but I’d rather just listen to it on my iPod.