Sneak peak from the new Alan Wake trailer

Those lucky Finns are first in line to see the much awaited trailer for Alan Wake which Remedy releases on October 15. Above you can see a screenshot from the trailer and to be honest it looks promising. We’ve already seen a lot of material from the game and luckily the graphics are up to date with today’s standards. By the way, doesn’t Mr. Wake look a bit like our own Mr. Razak?

Remedy also explained in a 50-minute podcast why the development of Alan Wake is taking so long. Read the show’s rundown:

  • The reason it’s taking so long is simply that it’s a small team and building an open world game is very tough. They just want to take their time with it, but it’s definitely making progress.
  • The reason for a new trailer is simple. The team mostly came up with it on a whim due to the release Max Payne movie. Also, the company just wanted to show something new on the game.
  • Remedy’s using some of its old Rockstar contacts for the title’s development. Navid Khonsari who handled most of the mocap and VO directing in Rockstar’s games prior to GTA4 is apparently working on voice directing.
  • Remedy owns the Alan Wake IP, so the firm’s able to take its time with it, though Järvi admits in the interview it’s taking a long time to make. Remedy insists that it’s not that it won’t ever be happy with the game, but the team just wants to make it as good as it can be.