Halo Wars trailer, now with less Cortana

Anyone remember Halo Wars? No really, it’s an RTS game to based off the Halo series. Well, I’ll give you some time to come out of your Bungie-teasing stupor. This cinematic should help jog your memory though. Then again, it lacks all things that Halo fan-boys demand from a Halo game. There is no Cortana, no Master Chief, and to my surprise, there is a space marine that says something more than “Ooryah!”.

Honestly, this doesn’t bother me one bit. I think that the Halo series needs to dive deeper into the universe it takes place in. And I’m happy there’s no Master Chief in sight, and dare I say, I think that the new construct looks much better. Maybe it’s the long hair, and the more rigid military appearance.