MadWorld is too violent for censorship countries

MadWorld, which is being developed by Japanese PlatinumGames is a messy game. It’s mainly “cartoonish” and black and white, but apparently too messy for censor-heavy countries like Australia, Germany and Japan. The fact that SEGA is reluctant about releasing the game in Japan doesn’t come as a surprise, since they recently banned Dead Space as well.

The possibility of a ban in these countries is not set in stone though. MTV Multiplayer says that SEGA will evaluate the situation after the game has been released in other countries and then consider how they will approach the censor-heavy regions. “The German and Australian markets could see MadWorld, but it’s not part of SEGA’s strategy right now,” reads MTV’s report.

Maybe they could change the game a bit for Australia like Bethesda did with Fallout 3. Instead of blood they could use something else, or maybe skip the killing altogether? Seriously though, what’s stopping people from ordering the game from Amazon? To me, all banning a game does is drive the cash-flow out of the country’s borders.