Nintendo swears a new Pikmin is on the way

While Nintendo’s recent Japanese conference went a long way to making core gamers feel like Nintendo still cares about them, one small thing was missing. Actually, it’s a big thing. Real big. The kind of thing that someone would fly all the way to Japan to hear about first. That thing is Pikmin 3. A game that is so highly anticipated even Miyamoto couldn’t keep himself from nearly confirming its existence. At an E3 post-Nintendo-conference-conference, Miyamoto was asked directly if a “new” Pikmin title was in the works, to which he promptly responded “Yep!”. This, of course, caused the entire Nintendo fanbase to wet its collective pants, and the conjecture about when the title would be officially debuted was fully underway. Many pointed to the Japanese shindig as a likely venue, but when the time came to unveil their Pikmin bombshell, we instead were presented with a Wii-ified version of the original Pikmin title. Disappointing to say the least.

The aftermath of the announcement caused many gamers around the globe to assume the Wii-make was the new Pikmin game Miyamoto had been referring to and death threats were promptly drafted. Apparently the webz were turning so red-hot with hatred for the Big N that Nintendo just HAD to say something to reassure its disgruntled fans. And who better to announce it than the one person we kinda never want to see again, Cammie Dunaway. “It’s not the Pikmin that Mr. Miyamoto referred to. Mr. Miyamoto referred to a new Pikmin, as opposed to the classics that are being re-released on Wii,” she is quoted as saying by IGN. Well that should let many of you breathe a sigh of relief. This reveal comes not a moment too soon, as I had been well underway in my task to create a weapon of pure evil. Yes, my plastic Zelda-sword-Wiimote-attachement is almost sharp enough to cut paper now…almost.