Blitz: The League II – Break some bones

When the first edition of Blitz the League came out over 2 years ago, it was not anything special, only receiving average reviews. I still bought it because it was just fun to see how many injuries I could rack up on the other team in only eight minutes of playtime. The story was somewhat interesting and made me feel like there was going to be another installment of this game in the near future. Releasing on October 13, the football arcade game Blitz: The League II promises to be more brutal than ever.

Instead of just gunning at an opponent and hoping that you fracture their spine, Blitz II now gives you an option of where exactly on the body you want to do damage on (goodbye spleen!). On the opposite standpoint, when you are injured, Blitz II now makes it more like a mini-game that actually keeps the gamer from being bored out of their minds while a needle is injected into their player. After watching the trailer below on how one must target a needle into the spine or move joysticks in certain directions to pop back in a dislocated shoulder, it’s clear the game has less deadtime and warrants more interaction. After watching a player get hurt, twittling my thumbs for almost a minute while they are injected took me out of the gameplay and out of control. At least now I am going to have some sort of say on how many plays my player is out for.

Hopefully there will be a storyline that lets gamers control their players even when they are off the field. At least let me play darts in some dive bar after a critical loss or something.

Yes, there will be downloadable content on both PS3 and the 360, hopefully something more than just commentary or a “Making-of” video. I want new fields, injuries, maybe even some new teams? I wasn’t too happy with the limited options in the original, so we will have to see if Lawrence Taylor and the boys over at Midway have put a solid effort in on their part.

Sorry to say that I don’t think there are going to be too many pre-orders on this game judging from how quickly the first installment’s price dropped (Now only $12.00 or so). I will be waiting for at least a few weeks after this game comes out, after that, I’ll let you know if the price is worth the brutality.