Punch Out!! – I might just buy a Wii for this

I’m sorry to all of you Nintendo Wii fans out there; I have not gotten on board for it namely because I don’t see many titles that are fun (please don’t crucify me). There are a few worthy games accompanied by the library of old school games to download but after seeing that Nintendo is going to release Punch Out!! in 2009, I might just be obligated to go out and spend the money. Besides, I think I will have beaten Fallout 3 by then.

Little Mac is back and die hard fans of the series, such as myself, should write to Nintendo and praise them for deciding to freshen up this game and release it for the Wii. It may not be realistic, but the original Punch Out!! is just one of those games that is fun to play for hours on end.

The main character, Little Mac, must beat a plethora of professional boxers with a combination of timing, pattern and maybe even a little bit of luck. It looks like Nintendo is not going to change much about the game (thank God) and are still keeping the view of semi-invisible Mac as you are facing the opponent.

So far, Nintendo has released a short trailer for the game (above), showing new and old characters (like Glass Joe), along with four screenshots that you can take a look at in the gallery.

I’ll tell you one thing, if Nintendo can get the motion controls to work right, I just might have to make a fool of myself in front of other people as I carelessly swing at the air.