Black Box confirms PS3 as lead for Skate 2


Here’s a little 1-up for all the PS3 fanboys out there. Electronic Arts’ in-house development studio Black Box has confirmed the PlayStation 3 as the lead platform in the development of the upcoming Skate 2. The reason for this move, which will undoubtedly spark a bought of heated screenshot comparisons the world over? To allow the dev team to iron out all the creases that lead to the PS3 version of the original Skate to be criticized by fans.

Speaking to, Black Box producer Jason DeLong said: “The PS3 version Skate not being as good as the 360 version. [This] was something we learned very quickly that we had to remedy on the second one.”

However, DeLong is quick to reassure gamers that their ultimate goal is to make both versions of the game indistinguishable from one another. “We’ve definitely been developing [both games] in parity,” he said. “The goal is that if you put both versions side-by-side, you will not be able to tell the difference.”