Cross Platform Podcast #005 / Trail Mix Edition

This week’s show brings us closer to our one year anniversary. Granted, it’s still 47 weeks away, but the fact remains valid. Join Jason, Jeremy and myself as we run down the week’s goings-on in the world of gaming and also spend some time getting to the bottom of these achievement thingies. Oh, and we also give away a copy of Mega Man 9 to a lucky listener/commentator/guy with a perplexing screen-name.

We’d also like to introduce a new feature for our weekly show: the ability to stream a lower-quality version of the entire riveting episode via the embedded player above (perfect for those of you listening from work *wink*). Of course, for all you purists out there, you’ll still be able to download the high quality version below and listen to it on repeat until our next show is out.

This week’s musical interludes are provided by Resident Evil 3: Nemesis for PlayStation. This week’s random comment outburst award goes to our very own Jeremy Hill (listen after the retro-mercial to experience it for yourself). Enjoy!