Eat Lead video makes me happy I pumped up the game

You know that week we kept on brining you a different made-up Matt Hazard game? Well, when I was writing each post I had a great internal debate over whether or not I should even be posting them at all. We were giving a lot of page time to what we basically thought was a clever ad campaign. We didn’t even know what game we were talking about. It seemed kind of wrong, like we were selling out to the man — even if that man had hilarious advertising.

Thankfully the introduction video to the new Matt Hazard game, Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard has calmed my guilty conscious since clearly D3 knows what they’re doing with this and all those made up games are actually playing a part in what is looking to be a hilarious spoof on gaming in general. The moment I knew they were on the right track? When Matt Hazard claims he banged Lara Croft and got her the job. I am now actually excited for this game as opposed to being just intrigued by their advertising. Can’t wait to see some gameplay which will be running on the Vicious Engine 2, which was designed specifically for this generation’s platforms.