Get ready to slide. Mega Man 9 DLC hits


I have completely and totally ignored the small amount of bitching that has leaked out about Mega Man 9‘s DLC because it’s pretty much just plain dumb. Capcom delivers unto us one of the best platformers in years for only ten bucks and people start bitching when they want to give us more for a moderate amount of extra money. Get over it. The gaming industry is an industry.

Anyway, for those who have gotten through Mega Man 9 and still want more, more, more (Mike, I’m looking at you) today is your day — as long as you own a Wii. If you own a 360 or PS3 than tomorrow and two days after tomorrow are your days, repsectively. Capcom has announced that the first batch of DLC for Mega Man 9 will be hitting each system on those days. This round of DLC will feature Endless Attack Mode, which allows you to test your skills (and you tolerance for 8-bit music) on a stage that never ends, and Proto Man Mode. The latter mode will let you play as Proto Man who features the two major attributes that Mega Man lost in MM9, charge shot and sliding, and a shield to deflect enemy attacks. If that sounds a bit too easy for you, be warned, Proto Man takes twice the damage from being hit.

I’m still trucking through Wiley’s castle/lair/level/building/mansion thing, but Proto Man does seem like a great way to get even more fun out of an already exceptional game.