“Nerd Raging” at E for All (warning: foul language)

They say it’s just legend, but when a Nerd gets angry it is rumored that their adolescent rage has the power to level nations. After watching this video, I wouldn’t doubt it. While this really doesn’t constitute as news, I think a little light hearted comedy couldn’t hurt to bad. The film was recorded at this years E for All, and stars “Swarm” of Team SK gaming getting a little emotional at a WoW match. Don’t act like you haven’t been this kid at one point, I’ll be the first to admit I have thrown my controller in a “Nerd Rage” (I love that phrase). Then again, I didn’t do it in front of hundreds of people. At one point it looked like he might strike his teammate, or even throw his keyboard.

So kids, whenever a friend asks why isn’t gaming an olympic sport, you show them this video.