E for All attendance drops


Finally, an excuse to post this picture. Seen above is the elusive E for All rabbit, and while I can blame it for the attendance drop (I almost ran when I saw it) I won’t. Instead, I’ll give the official numbers and make you do some math. Approximately 15,000 people attended this E for All 2008, which IDG World expo is apparently happy with.

However, this is a significant drop in attendance from last years estimated 18,000 attendees. Then if you really want to drive the dagger home, you can compare this years attendance to PAX, which also occured this year and had an attendance of 58,500. What was to blame for this drop at this year’s E for All? Personally, I believe that the drop is simply the result of the massive pull-out done by major developers. Without the support of the people who actually make the games, you are left with a few stragglers and a World Cyber Games event. But what do you guys think E for All can do next year to ensure a more lively appearance? Get rid of the rabbit?