First trailer for new Nerf Wii gun…and obligatory game

Hey, in case you missed it or your game radar isn’t tuned to arcade shooters, the Wii has and is getting more great light-gun style games ie Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and House of the Dead Overkill. To help gamers truly get that arcade vibe (and to make some fat cash as well) several companies have already put out Wiimote gun adapters. One such adapter that we caught a glimpse of earlier this year from EA and Hasbro is now ready for the Holidays.

The Switch Shot EX-3 is Nerf’s ultimate gift to living room shooter fans. Not only can gamers now choose another cool gun, but this one is also a working Nerf blaster which makes it just that much cooler when taking it to a gaming party. The EX-3 comes packaged with a game as well, though that hardly matters. The game, Nerf N-STRIKE, looks good for what it is; but the edgy kids and side story seem a little creepy like the government might be monitoring little kids’ mad sniper skills for their super soldier program.

Nerf N-STRIKE is retailing for $59.99 in the US, which could put it at just the right gift price for family or yourself. Either way, be ready to duck when the EX-3 makes its way to gamers’ hands this November.