Wii Music is not as simple as you think it is


After Wii Music was announced at E3 there was a palpatable bit of disappointment in the theater. I was there, I felt it. Everyone was kind of excited and then as the men on stage continued talking about it, that excitement steadily drifted away. It looked like random flailing and button pressing and that is what the overwhelming majority of reporters reported it as.

Well Reggie has come out in defense of Wii Music saying that it isn’t as shallow as it looks. “What’s powerful in Wii Music is this juxtaposition of something that looks so simple but is wonderfully difficult to master. We may have done that title an injustice at E3 by showing something that looked so easy,” said Reggie. “We made it appear too simple. Now we’re showing the tremendous variety of instruments and tones and how challenging it is to make music that sounds good.”

I was inclined to agree with him. After the press conference I really wasn’t looking forward to wasting 15 minutes in an already jammed packed schedule to randomly press buttons on the Wii controller, but I did so and came out with a much different impression of the game than I had gotten earlier. It was fun and creative and I couldn’t deny enjoying myself no matter how much I wanted to hate it. I hope Nintendo keeps up this trend of marketing the game a bit better, because it actually does some very interesting things.