Halo Wars in 2009 – Now with more Flood!

Microsoft wasted no time during their TGS keynote to get to the good stuff. Not too long after the conference started, attendees were presented with a new gameplay video and live demonstration of the highly anticipated Halo Wars RTS. A couple of new factoids regarding the game managed to escape as well. Firstly, the game will land in stores in “early” 2009. Now, we take that to mean 1st quarter, but it could honestly extend all the way to June for all we know. Secondly, the inclusion of the Flood as a major game element was revealed. Many had speculated that the Flood would play some role in the game since, as any Halo fan can tell you, they always manage to show up at the most inopportune times imaginable. We’ll bring you the video footage from the show as soon as it becomes available.