Molyneux talks Fable II imperfections

Prior to the release of Fable, Peter Molyneux had practically put the game on a pedestal so high that even Jesus would’ve looked at it with awe while he was turning water into wine. Say whatever you want about Fable, but Molyneux seems to have realized that hyping a game to the limit has both pros and cons. In an interview with VG247, he spoke about some minor issues with Fable II that he wasn’t a overly satisfied with – and why it’s important to be humble about how you present your game as a designer.

“When someone says to me, ‘Are you completely happy with Fable II?’, I have to turn round to them and say, ‘I’ve got a list in my own head, and indeed on bits of paper, of things that fall below a bar in my head.’

“I wish we had two more bones in the top lip of each character so their mouths could form the words a little bit better. I wish they blinked more. I wish the sun’s God rays were a little less harsh in the early sunset. I wish the leaves were just fractionally smaller, because they tend to be a little bit large for trees,” he said.

Although the imperfections listed are things that very few gamers or reviewers would even mention, it’s quite pleasing to see that Molyneux is choosing his words more carefully this time. However, he doesn’t regret the things he said about the original Fable.

“I think especially after Fable 1, where to a certain extent people were right in believing that I got too excited about the game and that excitement came through as hype. It wasn’t meant as hype, and obviously the result was hype, but I didn’t mean to be dishonest or anything like that: I truly believed what i was saying.”