New Underworld vid shows off new, improved Lara

Oh good, another Tomb Raider: Underworld video. While that may sound sarcastic in light of all the media that’s been released of this game in the past few months, it is not meant as such. Rather, it’s a nice reminder than we’re creeping closer and closer to the November release of Lara’s first real current-gen outing.

In this two-something minute overview of Lara’s abilities, Creative Director Eric Lindstrom, Lead Animator Primo Navidad and Lead Character Artist Kam Yu talk about pinning down and removing some of the limitations she had in the previous games and how they’ve made her even more badass of a character to play as.

Oh, and to clarify, the 360-exclusive DLC that was announced yesterday is not a timed exclusive. Those two new pieces of content, adding around six hours worth of additional gameplay, will remain exclusive to the 360 until the end of times. And the announced demo will not be making its way to the PS3, either.