No More Heroes 2 teaser. Yes, you read that right

Many site Mario, Zelda and Metroid games as the main reason to own a Wii. Those are perfectly valid reasons to own the system (and there are plenty more) but I would argue that any serious gamer must own the Wii because it is home to one of the greatest artistic post-modern achievements in gaming: No More Heroes. I loved this game, not for its gameplay (though it was fun) but for the message it sent about gaming. I even went as far as to write up a piece on the deeper meaning of the game before my days here with TVGB. Sadly, the rest of the world, especially Japan, did not buy into it. It sold decently in the US and Europe, but no one really expected a sequel because of the low sales. This was even further backed up by the fact that Suda51, the game’s director, was vocally disgruntled with the way it sold on the Wii.

But lo and behold TGS delivers us news of a Wii exclusive (so far) sequel to the game. No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle. It’s already looking good with the series kick ass bosses clearly making a return with that strange eight armed woman. Then again we never even got to fight the boss in the trailer for the original game so this lady might just be a random idea Suda51 had and we’ll never see again. If you read my essay on the game above I find it hard to point out faults in the game since I found most of the faults to be intentional, but I would like to see some crisper graphics and a bit more depth the the fighting in this sequel. I’m going to go hug my Wii now.