PS3 isn’t getting any cheaper

At this moment, thanks to the multiple price cuts the PS3 has already had, I’m pretty sure Sony is losing so much money on each system they sell that they could buy a small country with their losses. Still, the general attitude out there is that the PS3 is frickin’ expensive, especially with the 360 becoming the first system to drop below $200. Is Sony concerned about this? Will they drop their prices to compete during the holiday season? Absolutely not.

“As previously discussed we aren’t making any price moves this holiday season,” Patrick Seybold, director of corporate communications at Sony Computer Entertainment America said in a recent interview. And why should they, he asks. According to him they’ve got an amazing line-up of games that is going to propel the already increasing PS3 sales and persuade people that now is the time to pick up a PS3. I’d have to agree with him, entirely mostly because of LittleBigPlanet.

So was anyone hoping the price would drop some more so they could finally get their hands on the black box?