Treyarch leaves Bond after Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace has been heavily reported on TVGB lately mainly due to Matthew Razak’s Bond-fanaticism, but also because there are loads of reasons to believe the game will kick ass in a way no Bond-game has done in a very long time. Check out the developer diaries and our interview with Treyarch if you want your skepticism exorcised. The recovered glory might be short-lived though, as Treyarch’s Adam Gascoigne has told D-Pad Magazine that they won’t be handling the Bond franchise after they’re finished with Quantum of Solace.

“There is more Bond to come – I know Activision said that they were going to do a yearly Bond title – but I know that Treyarch won’t be doing next year’s because we don’t believe in just banging out a licensed game every year,” he said.

“From Treyarch’s point of view we wouldn’t be able to make a game with the quality we want in one year – we’ve done that before and it was too much! We did it with Call of Duty 3 and it was hard, hard work. If we were to work on another Bond it wouldn’t be until 2010, but we don’t know for sure yet.

If Quantum of Solace turns out to be the hit we expect it would be disappointing if Treyarch decided not to go at it again sometime. Almost at a Bond-drops-his-famous-lines-degree.