Updated / Undercover takes police chases online

When EA reintroduced the police to the Need for Speed series in Most Wanted, one of the biggest things missing were online police chases. Hunting down your buddies as an upstanding officer of the law sounds like something essential to have in a game named like that. Thankfully, three games later, EA and developer Black Box are set to remedy the situation by introducing the Cops and Robbers online mode for Need for Speed Undercover.

Cops and Robbers pits two teams of four against each other with straightforward goals — the robbers must pick up a package and deliver it to a drop-off point while the coppers’ duty is to prevent them. Each drive-off has two rounds, forcing players to play on both teams, effectively denying the chance to hog the one they like the most *cough* Splinter Cell Spy vs. Merc *cough*.

EA sent out a handful of new screenshots today as well that presumably show off the online mode. They await you in the gallery.

Update: Added gameplay footage of the online mode above.