Could Tarzan make the swing to consoles without Disney?


Thanks to a new licensing agreement TWELVE, the developer of CID The Dummy, and Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc, who own the rights to all things Tarzan, we could be seeing the loincloth clad wonder swinging onto our home consoles again. This time without the most recent Disney incarnation.

TWELVE is looking to put Tarzan in a first rate PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and PC game with “truly captivating gameplay.” Fans can expect Tarzan to hearken back to his roots as a genuine jungle bad ass; or as the President of Egar Rice Burroughs Inc, James J. Sullos, puts it, a representation of “human survival against all odds, rugged individualism, and protector of the natural habitat–he is the First Conservationist.” Yeah, same thing.

Giuseppe Crugliano, the founder and Managing Director of TWELVE, goes on to say, “We are extremely happy that our vision of TARZAN for this millennium met with the same enthusiasm from Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc. It will be a huge but inspiring task, a timeless character, timeless ideals, further enhanced by the sheer quality of next-gen technology.” If only all “next-gen technology” games were of quality at all.

TWELVE has also announced that they will be using the Gamebryo engine by Emergent Game Technologies, to develop this cross-platform game. This could be good because some great looking games have used Gamebryo such as Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. However, this could spell doom for Tarzan because that’s also the same engine Nibris is using for Sadness, so If you like Tarzan, cross your fingers and hope he doesn’t disappear.