Fable 2 online co-op may actually make it for launch

I regret to inform you that the title is not a typo and Fable 2 will not be having lunch with you. I’m crushed too, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles and you have to deal with it. Gamers should be well versed in disappointment, as a couple weeks ago those patiently awaiting the game were told it wouldn’t be shipping with online co-op. Somebody, somewhere no doubt kicked the cat and cried in their Cheerios, which is cool because I do it when I can’t open my can of soda — it happens.

Most likely fearing a worldwide crisis of cat kicking and salty cereal, the fine folks at Lionhead have been hard at work prepping the mode to drop when the game hits shelves. If all goes well — Microsoft certification is a witch with a capital “b” — you can expect an update when you pop the game in and connect to Xbox LIVE. Keep those fingers crossed that we can have some hot man-on-man co-op from day one! Fable 2 is due out October 21st in the US, October 24th in Europe and December 18th in Japan.