Halo 3: Recon announced for Fall 2009

Oh, Bungie. Part of the reason why I have a Halo shrine in my room is because you never fail to come through with the most titillating of surprises. Remember that “Keep It Clean” teaser trailer which premiered a few weeks ago? Now Bungie has made the announcement that Halo 3: Recon, an entirely new expansion to the original Halo 3 campaign is set for a Fall 2009 release. Yes, we know. That’s too far away. So it’s likely the amount of new content will be substantial.

Poised as a prequel to the events unfolding in Halo 3, Recon will feature a UNSC recon soldier as the protagonist. Will fans still be hungry for more Halo a year from now? I know I will be. I just squeed so loud the neighbors called to check that I hadn’t spilled a pan of boiling water on myself again.

Along with this announcement, a shiny new trailer was showcased as well, which if you haven’t noticed is tidily embedded above.