Patapon 2 trailer and screens

Today the Tokyo Game Show has given us great new information and trailers for the sequel to the PSP’s quirky beat loving Patapon! The above video shows some of the new features for Patapon, including multiplayer. Now up to four players can get in on the action each controlling a different Patapon. This is certainly a step in the right direction from Sony.

Furthermore, SOE designer Hiroyuki Kotani has revealed that in the sequel it will be easier to keep the beat, thus ending the only source of frustration Patapon had. Now, once players keep the beat and go into Fever mode, it will be easier to keep the Fever because the first mistake causes the music to emphasize the rhythm with audio cues and give players another chance before switching back to normal mode.

Many of us lacking natural rhythm (looking in a mirror here) found parts of Patapon discouraging. A single distraction can completely throw a player and all the cute little Patapon suffer, get eaten and or die because of it. It’s good to know that steps have been made to make this gem more accessible to those that also can’t beat Guitar Hero past medium difficulty…I am shamed. Also, check out the other trailer to hear some of the new tunes below and then head to the gallery to check out some screens.