Space Invaders Extreme looking to take over XBLA


Already a retro gamer’s dream on the PSP and DS, Space Invaders Extreme is set to invade the Xbox Live Arcade. Those gamers not into the portable scene now get a chance to check out the revamped and even more addictive Space Invaders make over. Don’t worry, gameplay is classic and remains true to the original arcade, but now there is so much more.

First off Extreme has a killer soundtrack, with players adding to the beat as they fire their weapons. The XBLA version will also have even more revamped HD graphics and visualizers created by Jeff Minter of Llamasoft. Gamers new to the remake should expect new weapons, mini-games and boss fights. Gamers that bought Extreme already, may want to buy it again though because this version will have up to 4-player co-op and verses modes. Yeah, you read that right.

The all-new Multiplayer Play allows gamers to battle against their friends locally or compete via the leaderboards. VS Mode has both a last man standing Survivor Mode as well as a high score winner with Score Attack Mode. Co-op Mode allows players to take on Arcade Mode with even more challenging enemies. However there is a shared life pool, so make sure to choose trustworthy and skilled partners.

Space Invaders Extreme is part of Taito’s celebration for the series’ 30 year anniversary. This XBLA version is being developed by Backbone Entertainment and will be joining the line up in 2009.