Swords and Sonic in the Sonic and the Black Knight trailer

Of the recent Sonic games in existence I will give Sonic and the Secret Rings credit where credit is due: it is the best Sonic game in a long while, and was actually fun to play because it focused on speed and control. Now, it definitely had its faults, but I was hoping for a direct sequel that would solve them. What we all got was news of Sonic and the Black Knight, a game in which Sonic carries a sword. When the game was first announced it pretty much dashed my hopes not only about a sequel to Secret Rings, but that Sonic Team had really learned anything from their previous mistakes.

However, the above trailer for the game that was shown at TGS actually makes the game look like it plays a lot like Secret Rings just with a sword to attack instead of Sonic jumping on things. If this is the case, and the sword fighting isn’t some swinging gimmick then color me a little excited for this game cause I think tilt steering on the Wii Remote can actually work really well with Sonic.

Also of note is the return of terrible, terrible rock music in Sonic games. i’m of the opinion that Sonic music has become so bad it’s good, so this only makes me happier.