Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time TGS trailer

The Tokyo Game Show is on fire. We’ve been getting news from it like a crazy flood of Japanese news stories, which is exactly what it is. One of the highlights of the show so far has been a bunch of new media of the newest DS titles that were just recently announced at the Nintendo Conference. One of those titles is the upcoming Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles title, Echoes of Time.

Check out the video above which shows a whole bunch of impressive gameplay footage. Just ignore the Japanese scribbles at the beginning and then sit back and enjoy some of the best graphics the DS has displayed in a very long time. The graphics shown on the Wii version are typical of the system, but to achieve nearly identical quality on the handheld is something of a feat. Gamers who are already familiar with the DS remakes of FFIII and such will recognize a similar character design, but the environments are the real star here. Fantastic geography with multiple branching paths and great textures are already looking very promising. We’ll keep an eye on this one as it’s sure to be a big hit both in Japan and abroad.