Mega Man 9: The Xbox 360 verdict

By now I’m sure a lot of us have played, screamed at, and ultimately enjoyed Mega Man 9. The game was first released on the Wii, followed by the PS3, and ended its run on the Xbox 360. The only question that remains is whether or not the 360 version is worth the money. The short answer is yes, while the longer answer is yes unless we want to experience Mega Man 9 in the same way we did so many years ago.

Graphically the 360 version is virtually identical to its cross platform counterparts. Some would argue the Wii version represents a more accurate depiction of old school Mega Man graphics. As strange as that sounds, considering we’re talking about 8-bit graphics on supercomputers, that argument does hold some validity. However telling the Wii port apart from the 360 build is virtually impossible unless we look ridiculously hard at both versions. Basically playing Mega Man 9 on the console that the series was originally made for gives the Mega Man 9 on the Wii a psychological edge if nothing else.

Continuing in the vain of psychological superiority is the control scheme of Mega Man 9. The PS3 and Wii directional pads are straight and pointy whereas the 360’s d-pad is rounded. This doesn’t obstruct controlling the game in any major way, but historically Mega Man games have been played on smaller controllers and un-rounded directional pads. The directional pad in relation to the buttons that are are used for jumping and shooting can feel a tad strange on the 360 — probably because they’re not symmetrical. Particularly picky gamers might see this as a deal breaker, but technically the game isn’t any more different on 360 than it is anywhere else.

Downloadable content such as Endless Attack mode and Proto Man are available from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace just as it is on WiiWare and PSN. We don’t need to worry about getting the short end of the stick just because we own a particular console. Capcom has showed no bias towards any system in particular.

All in all, Mega Man 9 on the Xbox 360 is still a must-buy for fans who have been going bananas over reliving the crushing difficulty the original Mega Man games offered. All versions of the game are largely identical. It just comes down to whether Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo will get our $10 investment.

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