Web of Shadows trailer is full of webby shadows

Woh, now that is how you make a f-ing launch trailer, people. The Spider-Man: Web of Shadows trailer above fleshes out the plot for those of us that weren’t paying any attention to the game since, in all fairness, it’s been a bit overshadowed by the other massive titles coming out later in the year. Now, thanks to that little piece of kickass advertising I am fully engrossed in the game again. Sure the struggle between light and darkness is an old one in the world of Spider-Man but with Spider-Man 3 failing so hard at delivering it to us, this looks like a chance at redemption.

In case you were too blown away by the awesomeness of that trailer, the plot goes something like this. An evil symbiote attacks the city (probably related to Venom), it makes some dudes go bad and get more powerful, and Spider-Man has to decide how to fight them. The beauty of it is that you’re Spider-Man, so you can be good or bad throughout the game and the rest of the characters in the open world city will react accordingly. I can tell you that this is a game I had pretty much lost all interest in until we got this trailer. Now I’m excited not only for the gameplay but the story too.